REC first In UK to achieve VDI 4257 Accreditation in Bioaerosol Testing


After an extensive audit programme, REC is pleased announce that it is the very first consultancy to have achieved full UKAS accreditation for Bioaerosol testing for BOTH the VDI 4257 Part 2 for stack emissions and the AFOR Protocol for ambient air.

Bioaerosols are air emissions arising from biological processes that may contain micro / living organisms. The UKAS accreditation covers monitoring of emissions for yeasts, moulds, bacteria and fungus including Aspergillus Fumigastus, which mainly arises from waste recycling processes such as waste composting and anaerobic digestion. The UKAS accreditation VDI 4257 Part 2 means that REC Air Quality can now collect stack bioaerosol samples and satisfy the Environment Agencies Technical Guidance Note 2.

REC is currently the only consultancy in the UK that holds UKAS accreditation for sampling for ambient bioaerosols according to the AFOR’s “Standardised Protocol for the Monitoring of Bioaerosols at Open Composting Facilities”. Although this method is based upon open composting facilities, many more sites are being requested to carry out ambient bioaerosol monitoring. Already, REC Air Quality has carried out a number of projects on closed and in-vessel composting facilities across the UK.

The UKAS VDI 4257 Part 2 accreditation means that our customers can rely on our results safe in the knowledge that the sampling is being done to the highest standard.

REC Air Quality’s highly skilled professionals are specialists in bioaearosol monitoring and can provide high-quality data and expert advice whilst working within the relevant regulatory frameworks and permit conditions.

For further information on REC’s Air Quality services or our VDI 4257 Part 2 accreditation, please contact your local office or contact us online.