The three best things about in-house asbestos laboratories


With so many potential applications of asbestos, it’s not easy to identify whether or not asbestos is present in a building or other product. The most effective way to stay safe is to have the material tested by an in-house asbestos sample laboratory with staff skilled at working to HSE Guidance Notes and accredited by UKAS 17020/17025. Here’s why:

1. Act fast, pay less

Whenever you suspect that asbestos is in the frame, you need to act fast. Asbestos can kill, so rapid testing is crucial not just to your project, but also to lives. In-house laboratories turn around results quickly, often within 24 hours. That enables you to get to grips with the potential impact of any compliance problems and put immediate contingency plans in place. Not only does outsourcing support you to continue to meet your project deadlines, it almost always costs less too.

2. Flexible and versatile

Clients who opt for in-house know that no testing requirement is too complex, big or small. Laboratories are used to working on a wide range of asbestos-containing materials originating from domestic homes and businesses. They offer flexible in-house analytical capabilities ranging from tests for white asbestos in the ceilings of a whole portfolio of premises to tests on the insulation of a single domestic boiler.

3. Complete confidence

Always check that your in-house asbestos sample laboratory is UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17024:2005 in accordance with HSG248. If the answer is yes, you know that they have also participated in the Asbestos in Materials Scheme (AIMS),  which verifies that they are highly proficient in identifying asbestos. You can have confidence that their skilled and knowledgeable surveyors and laboratory team are fully qualified and committed to stringent quality control and performance standards whether you want a full asbestos survey or a simple product test.

Whatever your building project or premises, asbestos management has to be a priority. REC is a national organisation offering the asbestos monitoring and testing you need through a network of UKAS-accredited laboratories.