Toads Nearly Croak It: REC superhero ecologists to the rescue


What started off as a normal day for two ecologists turned out to be a day full of surprises. Both Neil Madden and Olivia Winter were on the hunt for reptiles as part of a Reptile Survey in Fleetwood, near Blackpool. But low and behold, their attentions were diverted by some toads in distress. Enclosed down a 6ft deep shaft full of debris, were a friendly looking bunch of toads – but they had clearly fallen in and thus, were facing a looming death if left alone. With not even a window to look out of, these toads lured our ecologists in with their huge, pleading eyes until they agreed to help save them.

At first Neil’s instinct was to jump down and fetch the toads out himself – but after some thought, and perhaps worried that he would end up joining the toads rather than saving them, Neil and Olivia decided to hatch a plan. Using what they could find around them (Tyres, Wooden planks and a scarf…), they devised an escape route – a man-made obstacle course for the Toads to slowly make their way to safety.


And as we can see from above, the quick thinking and inventiveness of our two brilliant Ecologists meant that the Toads were able to eventually make their way to freedom. A witness says that the Toads made their escape, and went on for some French Flies and a Diet Croak to get over their hard day. Thanks to Neil and Olivia for sending in the pictures and for being so toadly awesome.

NB – No Ecologists or Toads were hurt in the making of this article.