Lighting Consultants
Lighting Consultants

Daylight and Lighting Impact Assesments

Expert Lighting Consultants working across the UK helping deliver specialised daylight and lighting impact assessment services

Working in accordance with guidance established by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), that of which is referenced to by local authorities when determining planning applications, REC provides comprehensive daylight assessments and detailed lighting impact assessments for a multitude of sites and clients.

Our specialist lighting team hold particular expertise in Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing assessments, as well as Artificial Light Impact Assessments across a whole host of sectors, including residential,  industrial, retail and sports venues.

Using the latest modelling software, REC’s lighting consultants are able to:

  • produce both daylight assessments and lighting impact assessments,
  • assess the impact of both natural and artificial light on existing and new receptors, and
  • assist in ensuring that lighting standards for planning consent are met.

Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessments

Whether you’re developing a new or existing site, large or small in scale, a daylight, sunlight and overshadowing assessment may be required by the Local Planning Authority. Any site that has the potential to impact on a receptor’s access to natural light may require a daylight assessment prior to a planning application being submitted.

A Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessment includes:

  • The use of Google SketchUp software to create visuals of the proposed development and surrounding area,
  • The use of the MBS Daylight Plug-in tool to assess potential impacts at sensitive receptor locations in the vicinity of the site, and
  • The production of a comprehensive package of assessment, modelling, analysis and advice, aiding the developer to meet BRE criteria

Lighting Impact Assessments

As of 2005, artificial lighting was established as a statutory form of nuisance. Working in accordance with guidance produced by the Institute of Lighting Professionals, REC’s lighting specialists work alongside new and existing developments to ensure that the impact of light pollution is minimal.

An Artificial Lighting Assessment includes:

  • A site visit to undertake baseline surveys of artificial lighting levels in the area,
  • 3D modelling of the site, surrounding area and artificial light sources using DiaLux software
  • The production of a comprehensive package of assessment, modelling, analysis and advice.

Our in-depth assessments can ensure that impacts from artificial light sources  are minimised and can be included as stand alone reports or as part of Environmental Impact Assessments.