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Lighting Consultants

Lighting Consultants

REC provides trusted daylight, sunlight, and overshadowing assessments as well as artificial lighting nuisance assessments. Working with a diverse range of clients, REC has supported residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure and sports venue developments.

We work across the UK providing specialised lighting assessments in accordance with guidance established by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), which is referenced to by local authorities when determining planning applications.

Lighting assessment services

REC’s lighting assessment solutions help you remain compliant at every stage of your project lifecycle. Our reliable solutions minimise statutory nuisance complaints and can help to reduce costs and any unwanted delays.

Our trusted consultants provide lighting services for developers, architects, surveyors and also residents affected by new developments.

Using our industry leading computer models, we take baseline and project specific data and predict potential light levels and impacts which can then be used to determine mitigation and inform scheme design.

We provide you with specialist planning reports and expert advice on natural and artificial lighting factors to maximise your development value. REC can also provide authoritative reporting and analysis for you to include as part of your Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Our Services

Our daylight/sunlight impact assessments help to establish if enough natural light is available for future occupants and existing neighbours. This reduces the need for electrical lighting which supports environmentally friendly developments.

REC undertakes internal daylight assessments which help to ensure windows as part of your scheme design let in an adequate amount of natural light into any given space.

Our outdoor overshadowing assessments ensure outdoor living spaces such as gardens, patios and play areas benefit from as much natural sunlight as possible.

REC is experienced in providing assessments to determine whether a proposed development can achieve the required credits as part of a BREEAM Assessment. We help ensure your development promotes health and well-being in line with the BREEAM guidance, which benefits the success of your project.

REC has extensive experience in providing expert evidence at Public and Planning Inquiries. This includes those relating to lighting issues. Our expert witness services provide reassurance when attending planning committees.

Artificial lighting baselines assessment help to determining if changes are required to existing artificial lighting schemes to reduce the impact on neighbours and wildlife in the surrounding areas of your project.

REC helps you in the assessment of light pollution at night in order to advise on enhancements that you can undertake in order to reduce light pollution.

Our advanced technology can help produce detailed diagrams to inform the layout of your outdoor areas in order to maximise the use of natural light.


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