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Geo-Environmental Consultants

REC provides leading high quality Geo-Environmental advice to support the development of your site. We provide reliable solutions ranging from geotechnical assessments and earthworks design, to contaminated land assessments and site condition reports.

Our respected team of Geo-Environmental consultants work with clients across a diverse range of industry sectors in the UK including residential, commercial, industrial, energy and infrastructure. We help you deliver your project aims and objectives on time by providing cost effective and safe solutions.

Trusted Geo-Environmental Services

REC provides tailored Geo-Environmental solutions that meet your site-specific requirements. Our experience of working with complex and challenging Geo-Environmental conditions means we provide a holistic approach to your project, ensuring your ultimate aims and objectives are met.

Our dedicated Geo-Environmental consultants across the UK work with you to provide cost-effective, quick turnaround solutions that help you remain compliant whilst ensuring no delays are incurred for your project.

REC’s Geo-Environmental services are supported by accredited laboratories which allow us to test a comprehensive range of geotechnical and chemical parameters with quick turnaround results and reporting. We are proud to be at the forefront of industry knowledge and technical developments, which help us keep abreast of the latest regulations and compliances that may affect your current project or future developments.

Our technical excellence and breadth of capability also enables us to de-risk any physical ground obstructions that may impact your project. REC is renowned for its high quality, pragmatic reporting that puts our clients’ needs first.

Our Services

  • Phase I Desk Studies
  • Contaminated land investigations
  • Environmental due-diligence
  • Brownfield land studies
  • Detailed quantitate risk assessment (DQRA)
  • Asbestos contaminated soils assessment
  • Land gas assessment & monitoring
  • Ground water assessment
  • Laboratory and analytical services
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Geotechnical studies, assessments & reports
  • Earthworks design, assessment & supervision
  • Ground improvement techniques
  • Slope stability assessment
  • Foundation assessment
  • SUDS/Soakaway Drainage Assessments
  • Excavations
  • Groundwater depths and pressures

REC provides high-quality remediation appraisal and design services that ensure clients are able to understand and minimise all potentially abnormal development constraints.

Our remediation services allow clients to obtain cost effective solutions from their chosen contractors, ensuring value for all phases of construction works. REC’s remediation design services are approved by all regulatory bodies including Local Planning Authorities, the Environment Agency and the NHBC.

As part of our remediation service we also include a full appraisal of all potentially abnormal development costs. This helps clients to deliver cost effective and sustainable solutions.

  • Independent and informed remediation design
  • Full cost appraisal
  • Sustainable delivery
  • Full regulatory approval
  • Material management plans
  • Development of foundation and drainage solutions
  • Environmental permit application
  • Waste management exemption application

CEMPs are required as a means of ensuring high standards of environmental operational control, legislative compliance and management are implemented during development phases.

CEMPs also provide a suitable platform in which to gain agreements on operational methods between the client, consultant and regulator prior to works commencing and the reassurance this provides.

REC’s Geo-Environmental team have proven experience in the development and implementation of CEMPs and their successful approval by Local Planning Authorities.


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