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Environmental Compliance

REC provides a full range of environmental compliance services. We advise our clients on environmental regulatory compliance issues, ensuring they meet the legal requirements in environmental legislation and demonstrate a high level of corporate social responsibility.

The REC team are dedicated to providing clients with the necessary support for the benefit of their business, its compliance, efficiency and continued environmental improvement. We ensure environmental risk is minimised or eliminated in order to drive improvements within your organisation.

Environmental compliance specialists

The REC team consists of technically competent, highly experienced staff from both operational and consulting backgrounds including chartered environmentalists and members of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment.

Our clients range from small / medium sized enterprises and large corporations in a range of business sectors, to local government and NGOs.

Our Services

  • Environmental Permitting Application Assistance
  • Permit Variation Application Assistance
  • Permit Transfer & Surrender Assistance
  • Site Condition Report
  • Air Quality Emissions Modelling
  • Air Quality Monitoring Assessment
  • Phase 1 Environmental Desk Studies
  • Geo-Environmental Investigations
  • Asbestos Assessments
  • Environmental inputs to Deal Negotiation & Post Transaction Support

Useful Information


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