Bulk Fibre and Asbestos in soil

REC can provide Bulk Fibre Analysis services including:

  • Asbestos Bulk Fibre Analysis
  • Identification of Asbestos in Soils

Asbestos Bulk Fibre Analysis

Our asbestos analysts will analyse sampled materials to identify evidence of asbestos fibres. If any suspect fibres are found, our analysts will extract the fibres using a number of specialised techniques, identifying whether the fibres are asbestos fibres and if so, which asbestos type they are.

Identification of Asbestos In Soils

Soil analysis can be undertaken in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Initial Bulk Analysis
Stage 2: Hand Pick and Weigh of ACMs (Coarse Fraction)
Stage 3: Fibre Counting and Sizing by Phase Contrast Optical Microscopy

REC are able to provide an accurate quantification of any asbestos fibres present as a percentage of the overall mass. This in turn can be equated to occupational risk and the practices associated with its removal, disposal or re-use.

All samples are analysed in accordance with ISO17025 and our UKAS accredited procedures by suitably qualified analysts