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Asbestos Management Consultants

REC is a leading, independent Asbestos consultancy with experience of working with a diverse range of clients including public sector social housing, facilities management, infrastructure, property and construction, retail and utilities.

We help you with regulatory compliance and the ongoing control and management of asbestos ensuring it does not impact your business. We provide asbestos management advice and surveys, sample testing through our UKAS accredited laboratories, air testing for removals and asbestos contaminated soils services.

We have experienced surveyor and analyst teams based around the UK – backed by four in-house accredited laboratories – meaning we can respond quickly, turn work around efficiently, and deliver locally.

Tailored Approach

At REC we tailor our asbestos services to meet your specific requirements. We provide trusted, reliable asbestos advice that enables you to achieve full compliance with occupational and environmental safety regulations.

Our extensive knowledge of the asbestos industry allows us to advise our clients on the most efficient, operationally and economically advantageous way to manage asbestos, without compromising on safety. Additionally, our four in-house UKAS Accredited asbestos testing laboratories, gives you greater flexibility of turnaround times and the highest standards of quality control for your business.

Whether you are a property owner or developer, registered social landlord, manufacturer, contractor, or have ad-hoc asbestos needs, REC can provide you with a full asbestos service. We also manage programmes of asbestos work for property portfolio owners including registered social landlords and private clients such as retailers and food and drink chains.

REC is an independent consultancy without links to any asbestos removal contractors. Our asbestos services and recommendations are therefore objective and without conflict of interest. When engaged by clients to act on their behalf, we ensure any work done by removal contractors is completed on time, in accordance with all relevant standards and guidance and to budget. We also work with contractors to fulfil their asbestos monitoring needs during removal works.

Our Services

  • Asbestos Management Survey– we undertake asbestos management surveys in order to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect asbestos in a building.
  • Pre-Refurbishment Asbestos Survey– if you are looking to undertake any refurbishment work, a refurbishment and demolition survey must be completed beforehand.
  • Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey– prior to any demolition work being carried out, a refurbishment and demolition survey must be completed.
  • Asbestos Re-inspection Services– if any asbestos is identified from the above surveys, we can help you with the inspection of the asbestos (at least annually) and create a bespoke Management Plan for you to adhere to.

Our four in-house asbestos laboratories based across the UK offer specialist analytical services for all types of asbestos bulk samples, including identification and quantification of asbestos in soils and aggregates.

Working with a UKAS accredited provider confirms that all procedures, equipment, staff competencies and reporting practices used in the laboratory meet the requirements of the ISO 17025 standard.

We understand the needs of our clients by providing flexible collection services. We are either able to attend your site and take samples of suspected asbestos material or you can take and send samples directly to our laboratory.

Asbestos in ground soil is predominantly immobile, although when contaminated ground soil is disturbed, fibres are more likely to be released. There are many legal and regulatory obligations that need to be considered in relation to the potential asbestos contamination of soils and in the ground.

We help you with the quantification of asbestos in soils to ensure Environment Agency regulations are adhered to.  We can also provide an assessment in relation to hazardous waste handling arrangements and human health risk assessments.

At REC we offer a full range of asbestos-related air testing & air monitoring services which support your asbestos management.

We use asbestos fibre air monitoring to detect the level of asbestos fibre within the atmosphere. We are able to assess the concentration of airborne asbestos fibre levels that have been generated by the removal/remediation process of your project to ensure that asbestos levels are of a safe limit for a building, or rooms within a building are safe to be occupied.

Asbestos fibre air monitoring also helps to confirm that an appropriate level of personal protection has been chosen, to check the effectiveness of dust suppression methods and to provide data for employee exposure records.

Our asbestos team is able to deliver asbestos awareness training to you and your operatives to maximise the safety of you and your business.

Operatives can come into contact with asbestos at any given time, therefore in order to reduce costs and damaging effect to your business we advise how to identify asbestos, manage potential asbestos exposure and generate awareness of asbestos throughout your business.


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