Odour Assessment

REC has been involved in odour monitoring and assessment since the company was founded in 1995 and has developed a keen understanding of the issues associated with the testing and analysis of atmospheric releases.

As well as emissions monitoring, our team includes consultants with extensive experience of providing odour impact assessment, particularly in the formation of Odour Management Plans and odour dispersion modelling for a wide variety of uses.

Odour Assessment Services

  • Stack Emissions Testing for Odour
  • Odour Dispersion Modelling
  • Field Odour Surveys
  • Odour Impact Assessments
  • Design of Mitigation Measures
  • Odour Management Plans
  • Nuisance Investigation

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Who needs Odour Assessments?

Odour emissions from any source have the potential to cause loss of amenity and subsequent nuisance complaints should impacts reach a sufficient level. This can have serious consequences for industrial site operators through enforcement action and also damaged reputation. We are able to provide a complete consultancy service relating to odour investigation and impact assessment, with project experience ranging from relatively small industrial facilities such as waste heat boilers to major petrochemical works and incinerators.

Your Local Odour Assessment Experts

Through our work on a wide range of projects, we have established an appreciation of the many different odour assessment methodologies utilised for the prediction of impacts, as well as for the investigation of nuisance complaints and identification of abatement options. As such, we believe we have the resources and capability to provide high quality odour consultancy on any project where it is required.

For further information please contact your local office or contact us online.