Air Quality Consultants

REC Air Quality Group provides a complete range of air quality services including, ambient air quality and odour monitoring, workplace monitoring and assessment and air quality and odour impact assessment.

REC’s Air Quality Consultants are able to provide a complete range of technical consultancy services within the air quality and odour field including:

REC’s Air Quality Group consists of a professional team of consultants to address the specialist requirements of Air Quality Impact Assessments.

Our highly skilled and dedicated air quality consultants are located throughout the UK and Ireland, allowing us to provide our clients with expert advice and local support within the relevant regulatory frameworks.

REC Air Quality Group maintain a wide range of air quality dispersion modelling software, allowing us to provide detailed technical support for any air quality project you may have without the added financial burden of equipment hire.

REC remain proud of the experience and professional accreditations enjoyed by their air quality consultants. Our air quality consultants regularly advise on a diverse mix of commissions from the land development, industrial, energy, commercial, infrastructure and utilities sectors. From the dispersion modelling of a new food store to the investigation of odour complaints at a single property, you can be sure REC Air Quality has the right experience to provide support and guidance whenever and wherever it is required.

For further information on REC’s Air Quality services please contact your local office or contact us online.