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Air Quality Consultants

REC provides reliable, expert Air Quality advice and assessments that ensure you remain compliant at every stage of your project. We deliver high-quality, dependable solutions from dispersion modelling to expert witness and bespoke mitigation strategies.

Our respected and experienced air quality consultants work with clients across a diverse range of industry sectors, including residential and commercial development, industry, energy and transport infrastructure. Our comprehensive understanding of the market ensures we tailor our delivery to meet our client’s needs.

Trusted air quality solutions

As a leading air quality consultancy, we offer site-specific air quality advice that focuses on your requirements. Our aim is to support you in securing planning applications and permitting consent on air quality grounds, helping to ensure the success of your project.

Our extensive knowledge of local planning authorities and our experience working on both small scale and large complex projects, allows us to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your project. Finding the right air quality solution which delivers compliant, practical and expert advice is at the forefront of what we do at REC. Our ability to provide quick turnaround air quality advice helps you meet your objectives.

We work closely with leading air quality, planning and industrial associations, ensuring our experts are at the forefront of air quality legislation and compliance. This ensures that we continually add value to your project. REC is also part of a wider network of operating companies who are at the forefront of emission technologies. This provides us with unrivalled up-to-date information to input into our air quality assessments and allows us to provide you with further added value air quality solutions.

Our Services

REC’s Air Quality Assessments support your planning applications and industrial environmental permitting applications. Air quality assessments consider whether sites are suitable for the proposed use, or to determine whether a development will cause significant air quality impacts at sensitive locations.

Our air quality assessment can be used as a standalone report or form part of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Our state-of-the-art air quality dispersion modelling assessments help to determine potential air quality issues at the very early stages of a project and inform scheme design and any measures to mitigate potential air quality impacts in a timely and cost-effective way.

Dispersion modelling is recognised as a critical tool in the determining potential pollutants levels, meaning modelling assessments are often requested in support of Environmental Permit and planning applications.

REC can undertake comprehensive air quality monitoring which is often required to demonstrate compliance with set emission levels. Air quality monitoring assesses the suitability of the site for sensitive developments or determines potential air quality issues for inhabitants of new buildings.

Our expert air quality team carry out testing to the relevant British or International standards therefore providing the level of accuracy required and which can be relied upon.

Odour assessments often form part of new development proposals. Our assessments consider the effects odour may have on receptors close to the project along with assessing any existing conditions and thus identify the potential impact of odorous projects.

Odorous projects have the potential to cause loss of amenity and subsequent nuisance complaints. Therefore, undertaking odour assessments where required can ensure your project aims are achieved.

Mitigation advice forms a large part of our expert air quality services. REC provides project and bespoke mitigation measures to include designing in specific architectural features into your scheme to safeguard future occupants or users from the effects of air pollution.

In addition, we provide recommendations on measures to reduce the emissions generated by a proposed scheme to ensure that impacts are minimised.

REC has extensive experience in providing expert evidence at Public and Planning Inquiries. This includes those relating to air quality issues from dust and odour impacts, road schemes, and commercial and residential developments. Our expert witness services have played a crucial role in supporting both developers and objectors in achieving their objectives.

REC has an extensive involvement in working with industry bodies, their members and individual clients in providing expert advice on upcoming legislation and regulation, and the potential implications these may have on their day-to-day activities and future plans. This includes ad hoc advice through to workshops, presenting and chairing relevant debates where regulators and other interested bodies are represented.


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