Noise Survey

REC’s acoustic engineers are highly qualified and experienced in all forms of noise surveys and have expertise in current noise regulations. 

A noise survey can cover a specific area or range of areas to provide you with a complete understanding of the sound levels in those receptors and can be tailored to ensure they provide a complete and accurate record of noise and vibration levels.

Noise Survey Services

REC’s acoustic consultancy services ensure the demands of current noise regulations are adhered to, whether commercial, work based, residential or required in response to a complaint from a private individual. REC Acoustics’ services use the latest instruments and methodology to allow us to determine precisely what adverse noise impact or noise exposures are present.

We carry out Noise Surveys using Type-1 Sound Level Meters in order to ensure a high degree of accuracy and to fulfil the requirements of current British Standards and guidance. The results of the Noise Surveys inform detailed Noise Impact Assessments in order to ensure appropriate criteria are met.

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