Noise Assessment Services

REC can provide you with a clear and concise noise assessment in support of planning applications and non planning projects, working across a variety of sectors including; Residential, Commercial, Industry and Transportation.

Are you in need of a Noise Impact Assessment?

REC’s Acoustic team deliver efficient noise assessments, assisting you in meeting planning conditions quickly and reliably. From small scale projects, to major, multi-purpose developments, our Noise Assessments are tailored to your or the Planning Authority’s needs and requirements. With years of experience in the industry and using state of the art acoustic technology, our Noise Assessments are completed using 3D Noise Modelling software from two separate leading suppliers, in order to provide you with the most flexible and straight forward solutions.

Developing a Master Plan – Noise Assessment Advice

If you’re looking to gain outline planning approval and need assistance on the development of a master plan, our Acoustic Consultants are able to provide you with a Noise Constraints Assessment as an initial appraisal of your site, providing advice and recommendations on appropriate site layout.

Existing Sites – Noise Assessment Advice

If you’re working on an existing site, you may still need a noise assessment – and REC’s acoustic team can provide efficient and reliable advice to ensure that all of your noise and vibration constraints are addressed correctly and quickly.

For both planning and non planning services, our Noise Assessments and Surveys cover an entire range of noise solutions and mitigation advice, including:

  • Noise Impact Assessments
  • Noise Constraints Assessments
  • Noise Surveys
  • Vibration Surveys and Assessments
  • Construction Noise and Vibrations
  • Residential Noise Impact Assessments
  • Commercial Noise Impact Assessments
  • Noise at Work Services
  • EIA Support
  • Environmental Noise Impact Assessment

For an example of our work, see some of our client and project case studies here:

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