Environmental Noise

Environmental noise remains an ever increasing nuisance, REC Acoustics conduct environmental noise assessments and noise surveys to evaluate the extent of any environmental noise problems in accordance with relevant British Standards and formulate noise mitigation advice to reduce these issues.

Environmental Noise Assessment

In order to assess the impact of environmental noise issues, suitable noise assessments need to be carried out to identify the main causes. In some cases, monitoring of noise levels for longer periods of time is required to allow for the gathering of accurate results.

Some environmental noise sources often operate intermittently and can continue throughout the night. Such environmental noise issues may cause a noise nuisance leading to side effects such as stress or sleep deprivation. It is therefore essential to monitor and control these noise issues through effective noise assessments or a comprehensive noise survey.

Detailed Noise Survey

If a specific noise issue is present at a given location, REC Acoustics carry out detailed noise survey and noise assessments to monitor the environmental noise present and provide any required noise mitigation advice.

REC Acoustics investigate all environmental noise problems including road traffic noise, railway noise, wind farm noise and industrial noise. REC liaise with local authority planning departments and submit all required acoustic reports and noise mitigation advice required to successfully resolve environmental noise issues on behalf of our clients.

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