Acoustic EIA Support

Environmental Impact Assessments have been required for certain major developments since the implementation in the UK of the European Council Directive on Environmental Assessment (EC Directive 85/337/EEC).

REC Acoustics have experience in providing EIA chapters for Noise and Vibration Impacts for commercial and mixed-use developments on a variety of scales.

EIA Support Services

  • Initial scoping exercise and input into an EIA scoping document
  • Liaison with local planning authorities to establish and agree noise criteria and any specific requirement, monitoring and assessment methodologies
  • Identification of the main noise and vibration sources during both construction and operation of the development
  • Comprehensive baseline noise monitoring surveys to establish the existing noise environment
  • Assessment of construction and operational noise impacts and effects
  • Recommendation of mitigation measures and assessment of residual effects
  • Preparation of technical evidence and reporting for input into an Environmental Statement

For further information on acoustic EIA support please contact your local office or contact us online.