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Acoustic Consultants

REC provides comprehensive Noise and Vibration advice and assessments for clients in the residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

We provide integrated, bespoke solutions which help you meet your deadlines and planning conditions. Our solutions range from noise and vibration impact assessments and monitoring to EIA support and noise at work assessments.

Our collaborative approach to often complex issues can help save you time and money. REC has played a central role in many landmark projects across the UK. We have extensive experience of working on small scale projects up to major, multi-purpose developments, tailoring our acoustics services to meet your specific requirements.

Bespoke environmental noise solutions

REC is a leading noise and vibration consultancy supporting you with project-specific noise and vibration solutions. We help you secure planning permission and industrial permits whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives ensuring they receive high-quality, cost effective noise and vibration solutions that minimise the unwanted effects of noise and vibration on or from their schemes or facilities. Our extensive knowledge and experience of local planning authorities across the UK also allows us to tailor our solutions to meet your requirements which increases the success of your application. We also have extensive knowledge of noise in industrial settings and can assist with the successful submission of environmental permits.

We use advanced technology to measure and model noise and vibration and ensure practical and accurate reporting for your project.

Our Services

Our noise and vibration impact assessments assist you in meeting planning conditions quickly and reliably.  Our advanced technology enables us to provide the most flexible and straight forward noise and vibration solutions.

Noise and vibration assessments often form part of project master plans and this is where REC can provide advice and recommendations on appropriate site layout with good acoustic design at the outset. REC can also provide these where required at existing sites including detailed mitigation strategies, often down to a plot by plot basis.

We use noise modelling as an integral tool in enabling us to determine the potential scale of a noise issue for your scheme. It also enables us to determine cost-effective noise control and mitigation measures and give an early indication on the suitability of the site for the proposed end-use.

Our monitoring services allow noise and vibration data to be collated over a period of time. We typically use noise and vibration monitoring for:

  • Baseline monitoring: used to determine the suitability of a location for noise sensitive developments.
  • Compliance monitoring: used to monitor noise from a potential statutory nuisance or disruptive noise generating activities such as construction works.

REC undertakes noise at work assessments to ensure you remain compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It is a legal requirement as an employer to carefully assess and identify measures to eliminate or effectively reduce the risks of exposure to noise, in order to protect the hearing of employees.

Our assessments identify any potential risks which should be managed in accordance with a noise-control action plan.

Noise and vibration impact during construction activities can be significant both in terms of the magnitude and duration. Our construction noise and vibration assessments for both small- and large-scale developments ensure your project remains compliant which can be supported by the development of noise and vibration management and mitigation plans if required.

REC has extensive experience in providing expert evidence at Public and Planning Inquiries. This includes those relating to noise issues from road schemes, commercial and residential developments, and quarrying and industrial operations. Our expert witness services have played a crucial role in supporting both developers and objectors in achieving their objectives.


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