Acoustic Consultants

Professional, experienced Acoustic Consultants providing specialist advice throughout the UK

REC’s Acoustic Consultants are highly qualified, industry professionals and work across all sectors, including Residential, Commercial, Energy and Transportation. Working in accordance with British Standards’ legislation, our acoustic consultants provide all-inclusive, detailed and comprehensive noise assessments and reports.

How can our Acoustic Consultants help you?

As a nationwide company, REC has Acoustic Consultants on hand to help throughout the UK. Working quickly and efficiently, our consultants are highly practised in working to meet your deadlines, as well as specified planning conditions for a whole host of sites. From small scale projects, to major, multi-purpose developments, our Acoustic Consultants offer a variety of noise management solutions that can be tailored to you.

If you are already working on an existing site, or want to assess the impact of noise at home and / or at work, our Acoustic Consultants can also assist. For both planning and non-planning services, we specialise in: