RTPI: England lacks coherent plan to improve air quality



The RTPI’s response to the Government’s draft Clean Air Strategy raises concerns that there is insufficient integration between transport planning and sustainable development planning in terms of improving air quality in the UK.

‘Without these links, pressure could be placed on developers to carry the burden of reducing emissions or severely limit the feasibility of transport related mitigation options’ says REC’s Air Quality lead – Conal Kearney. ‘Similarly, the National Planning Policy Framework’s drive for housing development could encourage less expensive and more remote areas applying for planning permission thus increasing pressures on transport planners to provide further sustainable transport measures’.

The RTPI suggests that Scottish policy on the other hand makes a stronger case in linking these transport and development aspects to air quality, thus suggesting that there is some room for improvement in England.

REC will be running a breakfast CPD seminar on ‘Air Quality and Land Use Planning’ to RTPI North West members on 11th October http://www.rtpi.org.uk/events/events-calendar/2018/october/air-quality-and-land-use-planning-nw/ and likewise an Air Quality workshop for planners at RTPI London’s Annual Summit on 28th November https://www.rtpi.org.uk/events/events-calendar/2018/november/rtpi-london-summit-2018-growing-up-in-the-suburbs/ . If you are a town planner and wish to attend either event, please visit the respective event links to sign-up up.

For more information on Air Quality planning in relation to developments in England and Scotland, please contact Conal Kearney on 0845676 9303 or info@recltd.co.uk