Redbridge Air Quality Grant Awarded £100,000


£100,000 Redbridge Air Quality Grant

Redbridge council in London has secured £100,000 from the Mayor of London to contribute to air quality projects in the borough. The money from the Redbridge Air Quality Grant is to be spent over a three year period from 2013-2016 and will fund projects at two of the borough’s schools, which have been yet to be selected. The council said that these air quality projects would accompany educational campaigns aimed at increasing awareness of pupils, staff and parents of the actions they can take to reduce emissions and their exposure to harmful pollutants.

Air Quality Initiatives

The Redbride Air Quality Grant will involve initiatives including tree planting and the creation of green walls, which are parts of buildings covered with vegetation. This green infrastructure is used to absorb harmful nitrogen dioxide emissions, mainly produced by traffic. Research by the University of Leicester on this type of air quality mitigation found that air pollution could be cut by up to 30% by installing green walls and other vegetation.

Air Quality Fund

The £100,000 grant was among the first to be awarded from the Mayor’s £20 million Air Quality Fund to support local efforts to tackle pollution hotspots in the capital over the next ten tears. Other recipients of the first £2.3 million of awards in East London were City of London, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Newham councils. The money secured through the Fund is being match-funded by the borough or partnership group. Projects include Hackney council’s plans for a Green Action Zone to tackle pollution in Shoreditch, Hoxton and Haggerston and green infrastructure and cycling initiatives in Waltham Forest.

REC’s Air Quality Capabilities in London

REC regularly undertake detailed dispersion modelling in London, utilising Air Quality monitoring results to ensure future site users are not exposed to poor air quality. To date, REC’s Air Quality Consultants have completed over 50 projects in the capital. These Air Quality Assessments, of developments including residential, educational, retail, commercial and mixed-use proposals, ensure sensitive receptors such as schools, hospitals and residential areas are protected from high pollution levels and associated health effects.

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