REC Stansted Carry Out Utility Feasibility Study


The newly relocated REC Stansted office has recently completed a number of investigations prior to the installation of a new electricity cable infrastructure. The investigations were required as part of the feasibility studies, with the prime objectives being:

  • Determine ground conditions prior to horizontal directional drilling;
  • Geotechnical appraisal for foundation design;
  • Appraisal of the levels of contamination for assessment of risk to human health and provide information for waste classification; and
  • Determination of the thermal resistivity of the soil.

Information of the thermal resistivity was required for the design of the cable, to ensure the surrounding soil will not act as a thermal insulator to the cable, resulting in the cable overheating.

The largest project consisted of the drilling of over 60 boreholes to a maximum depth of 30m and window sample bore at 200m spacings along the entire route of the proposed cable.