REC Provide Noise and Air Quality for Chapel Arches Redevelopment


In February 2012, the Shanly Group revealed £100million plans for land surrounding the Chapel Arches redevelopment and York Stream. Aiming to bring the ‘heart, soul and life’ back into the centre of Maidenhead, the proposals complement the work of Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group (MWRG) which submitted a planning application to open up York Stream and make it navigable for small boats at the same time.

The three phase regeneration of the Chapel Arches area of the town is to include one, two and three bed apartments as well as ground floor retail units along the proposed restored waterways. The added footfall that these proposals will bring to the town will increase trade for local businesses and bring a variety of new restaurants and cafes to the area making Maidenhead a truly cosmopolitan town in which to live.

REC supplied the Air Quality Assessments and Noise Assessments in support of the planning applications for the redevelopment. Based on the results of REC’s assessments, it was concluded that the development was fully compliant with all relevant planning policies and, as such, consent should not be refused on air quality or noise grounds. The plans to transform the waterside area of the town centre are now ready for council consideration.