REC Ltd Manchester Staff get Wiggy with it for CLIC Sargent


Something looked a bit different in the REC Manchester office last week. Instead of the usual sea of heads hiding behind desks, there was a colourful cloud of bustling bonnets and bonces walking around the office. Managers with freshly done up-do’s, consultants flaunting multi-coloured afros, and some even sporting some funny shaped hats – it really was a peculiar sight.

Why? Aside from us all being a bit odd, the real motivation behind our strange behaviour was CLIC Sargent. CLIC Sargent is a Children’s Cancer Charity who provide clinical, emotional and practical help to families of, and children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Ten young people hear the news that they have cancer every day, and with money raised, this charity ensure that they are there to hold children’s and families’ hands for the entire journey.

And so, this is where the funny wigs come in. CLIC Sargent’s annual campaign is Wig Wednesday, and to raise awareness and money for the charity, everyone is encouraged to don a wig and get their fundraising hats on. REC, therefore, rose to the challenge, and we have to say, looked rather fetching in wigs. Amongst working hard (obviously), we packed as many wig related things into the day as possible, including a wig hunt, for example. We never thought we’d see the day where our Principal Ecologist was running around the office looking for a wig…but we did.

Along with a wig bakery and a wig quiz, there were also the cheesiest wig jokes you can ever imagine being thrown around the office. And as you can see from the pictures below, staff didn’t need to mullet over to get involved. So thanks to the REC Manchester staff for getting together and thanks to CLIC Sargent, for having such a great campaign.

And sorry to those below, who didn’t know that their photos were going live…until now!


Winner of the Wig Quiz

Sarah Naylor


Winner of the Wig Hunt

Dr Neil Madden


Winner of Best Wig Wearer

(No question about it) John Goodwin