Introducing Daylight and Lighting Impact Assessments


REC’s consultants will now be delivering specialist Daylight and Lighting Impact Assessments to a range of residential, industrial, retail and sports clients across the UK. This will add to the roster of REC’s extensive range of environmental solutions.

Working in accordance with guidance published by the Building Research Establishment guidance which is referenced by local authorities when determining planning applications – REC will provide comprehensive and detailed assessments; for Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessments or Artificial Lighting Impact Assessments.  REC will use the latest software to assess the impact of both natural and artificial light. Providing advice and assistance to clients to allow for planning consent.

REC’s Business Development Director, Rob Whittle, elaborates on the news “REC has been providing environmental solutions for over 20 years and providing Daylight and Lighting Impact Assessments is a natural addition to our services.  Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessments are a crucial part of any planning application where there is the potential to impact on a receptor’s access to natural light.  Similarly, since light pollution was introduced as a form of statutory nuisance, Lighting Impact Assessments are vital for new and existing developments to ensure that the impact of light pollution is minimal”.

For more information about REC’s daylight and lighting impact assessment services, head to our Lighting Consultancy page, or for a direct quote, contact our Lighting consultant, Charlotte Smith via

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