REC will be exhibiting at REGEN 2014


This year the REC team are excited to be exhibiting at REGEN 2014 where they will be on hand to offer advice and expertise about environmental consultancy services for urban regeneration and the property market.

Regen 2014 is one of the one hundred events that make up the International Festival for Business 2014. To be held at the Rum Warehouse, Liverpool, 25th-26th June, Regen 2014 is the Urban Regeneration Conference and Exhibition. Urban regeneration has been a hot topic in recent years, with the growth of regeneration due to mega events such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and the World Cup. These events have been the catalyst for major regeneration of cities across the globe and have promoted the growth of positive environmental opportunities.

Regen 2014 aims to connect businesses within the regeneration industry to create the opportunity for business development and networking amongst exhibitors and attendees alike. Exhibitors are attending from many different companies who work within regeneration, from city councils to construction companies, banks to urban regeneration companies, and REC is thrilled to be able to be a part of an event that has the potential to create so many opportunities for the growth of urban regeneration in Liverpool and the North West. By attending this event we hope to create lasting relationships which will help to support the growth of sustainable regeneration both nationally and internationally, and to offer advice and support to those who wish to learn more about the ways in which REC can help support their development plans.

The REC representatives at REGEN 2014 will be:

  • Rebecca Paul – Associate Director
  • Neil Madden – Principal Ecologist
  • Gabor Antony – Senior Air Quality Consultant
  • John Goodwin – Senior Acoustic Consultant

Come and visit us at the event where our experts will be on hand to discuss all of our environmental consultancy services. Alternatively, please contact us online or call 0845 676 9303.