REC Drinks Reception – It was Alright on the Night!


REC started off the bank holiday a day early last week, with clients coming from all over for our networking evening at The Lowry – a stone’s throw away from our Manchester office in Salford Quays.

Starting 2016 on a high, we decided to host several client and networking events throughout the UK this year. Following a great curry night at The Coriander Lounge in Southampton with a few key clients down south, we went that one step further and hired out the Promenade Gallery at The Lowry for a night. First and foremost, both evenings were a way to say thanks to our clients in both the North and the South. We have some brilliant clients who we have developed some strong relationships with over the years – and with who we hope to continue to develop and work with. However, with the space at The Lowry allowing us to accommodate for more guests, we were able to open up the floor at our North West event to other companies, and in doing so, create networking opportunities for us and others throughout the property and construction sector.


Curry Night at The Coriander Lounge
Curry Night at The Coriander Lounge


REC Drinks at the Lowry
REC Drinks at The Lowry

As with all events, or childhood birthday parties, there are those pre-night jitters that no one is going to turn up – but thankfully, we were wrong to worry. The events proved to be a great success (that is, if success can be measured in quantities of food and beer consumed). Our Lowry event in particular had a significant turn out, was full of a variety of companies and personalities and was host to some great speeches. Christian Spence, Head of Policy and Research at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, (pictured below) blew us all away with his engaging and insightful talk on the Northern Powerhouse.

Christian Spence, GMCC, talks about the Northern Powerhouse
Christian Spence, GMCC, talks about the Northern Powerhouse

The night was equally, however, host to some appallingly bad public speaking -think Bridget Jones and her introduction to ‘The Greatest Book of our Time” (if you’ve not seen it, Youtube it – you won’t regret it). As an Ambassador for children’s cancer charity, Clic Sargent, our Marketing Co-ordinator, Emma,  held raffles for the charity and spoke briefly on the differences it makes daily to young patients and their families. Thankfully, after enticing guests with a prize of a bottle of Champagne from Morrisons, delegates at both events dug deep and gave incredibly generously, raising just shy of £300. It was suggested that some parties paid to ensure that Emma never speaks publicly again, but that remains unconfirmed.

Owen 'it wasn't a fix' Stevens, REC Director, wins charity raffle
Owen ‘it wasn’t a fix’ Stevens, REC Director, wins charity raffle

Luck of the draw would have it that one of REC’s very own directors won the raffle at The Lowry – and amongst shouts of ‘fix!’ and ‘cheat!’, Owen battled to the front to collect his prize. Okay, that bit’s a lie – Owen won fair and square and everyone was very happy for him.

All in all, both our events at The Coriander Lounge and The Lowry went better than we’d ever hoped – and this is predominantly down to all of our guests who turned up on the night. REC’s core values are Respect, Enjoyable, Authority, Client Focussed and Teamwork – all of which we feel achieved throughout these events, and all of which were embraced by both clients and staff. So a big cheesy thank you to all who came, the staff who worked hard to bring it together and Clic Sargent, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, The Coriander Lounge and The Lowry for helping REC pull out all the stops. We’ll be in touch in the near future about upcoming events.

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