Protected Species Survey overshadowed by itchy Badger



Badger Bob makes himself at home during Protected Species Survey

REC’s Ecologists have been hard at work with all sorts of protected species surveys recently – but one little animal has been hogging the limelight in particular. Our Ecology team have been monitoring several Badger setts on a development site in Cheshire and have discovered Bob – a badger who loves to have a good scratch.

The work, which is for a large housing developer, comprises of several phases and REC have been involved from the start – undertaking the preliminary ecological assessment and then acting as the Ecological Clerk of Works to implement the mitigation required, which luckily for Bob, has been to monitor badger activity.

Bob the Badger has certainly made his presence known – and there are many badgers active within this particular site – present within several setts within the local area. Thankfully, as a protected species, the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 makes it a serious offence to kill, injure or take a badger, or to interfere with a sett unless a license is obtained from the statutory authority. In spite of this, badgers are still suffering continued persecution throughout the UK. This is why Protected Species Surveys are so important and why it’s vital that Badgers like Bob are protected all year round.

It so happens that Badgers, being nocturnal and all, are incredibly sleepy during the day, and so although Bob was happy to be filmed, he was unavailable for comment at the time of this article.

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Bob the Badger