Protect Your Property From Flooding


Hundreds of property owners in Wales and the West of England are facing extra costs because of recent floods. This is made worse with ongoing uncertainty of whether the property may flood again in the future. For those of you who are affected, or concerned about the risks of future flooding – we’ve written some flood resilience guidance.

What does the Environment Agency or SEPA recommend?

For an in depth risk analysis, the EA and SEPA recommend that property owners consult a chartered flood consultant and surveyor at a specialist consultancy like REC to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment. The Flood Risk Assessment will look, in depth, at the potential risk of all types of flooding – river, coastal, surface and groundwater.

Upon determining the flood risk to a property, the owners should then consider whether to install measures to improve its flood resistance (measures to protect the property from flooding) and flood resilience (measures to limit the damage a flood may cause to the property and its contents).

How To Protect Your Property From Flooding.

Building up flood resistance measures means defending your property by ensuring that the walls, service intakes, air bricks, wc’s and drains are upgraded to keep flood water out of the building. To be effective, the whole building perimeter exposed to floodwater needs to be resistant.

For many of you affected by recent floods, the instigation of flood resistance and flood resilience measures will be a key part of the reinstatement works. It is important that property owners considering this option discuss it with the Insurers’ Loss Adjuster as soon as a claim is lodged. While extra costs of this work may not be covered in the claim settlement, insurers are generally supportive of claimants providing enhanced protection to properties that have flooded and, in some cases, this may even be a requirement to continue being covered for future flood risk.

In any case of flood defence installation, it is important to ensure not only the effectiveness of any flood resistance or flood resilience measures that are put in place, but also to ensure the work is appropriately specified and properly executed, so that it is certifiable and acceptable to insurers and mortgage lenders.

REC can help

REC Flood Risk chartered surveyors are experienced in providing flooding related services, and are able to organise all aspects of flood risk and flood defence as well as managing flood insurance claims and providing reports and documentation for insurers or mortgage lenders.

Most importantly, REC Flood Risk can also help with recommending appropriate solutions as well as arranging and supervising any flood resistance and resilience works to ensure the most adequate protection.

If you need any further information or Flood Risk advice, please contact us online or contact your local office.