REC kickstart Mayfield Ground Investigation




Project Background

Mayfield is a transformational regeneration project for Manchester. It will become home to over 10,000 jobs, 75,000 m2 of new commercial office space, retail and hotel accommodation, as well as more than 1,400 homes and community uses.

REC Approach

Understanding risk within the ground is a key part of the development. Our phase 1 desk study for an area of the site identified at least 4 phases of previous development including the historic (now demolished) Mayfield Baths and other contaminating land uses.

We worked with the structural engineers and developer to produce a scope of works to investigate existing ground conditions and to target specific areas of potential risk that would provide information for structural design and ground contamination.

We completed intrusive works over 2 weeks in March 2019. Significant obstructions were encountered some of which were likely to have been the old floors for the baths, and basements from structures adjoining the site. To further complicate matters, our work was undertaken at the same time as demolition of other above ground structures in the work area by the demolition contractor.

Martin Lucass, Project Director at REC had this to say. ‘What a fantastic project to have worked on and it’s good to know we have played a part in regenerating this historic part of Manchester on what is certainly one of the most exciting Masterplans in Manchester right now’