Large Retailers Embracing Alternative Renewable Energy


Supermarkets are stepping into a more sustainable future, and this is being led by Marks & Spencer who are amongst the first to start using alternative renewable energy. It was announced earlier this week that the supermarket giants have agreed a major deal with Future Biogas, a leading anaerobic digestion (AD) plant operator, for the purchase of biomethane certificates . These certificates will have an astounding effect on the environmental impact of the outlets which are involved, and will reduce the retailer’s carbon footprint by more than 6,400 tonnes.

REC is a leading provider of environmental services to the energy, power and renewables industry, energy and has worked in collaboration with Future Biogas on a significant number of projects. Recently, REC’s experts undertook odour assessment works on the Vulcan AD plant near Doncaster, which will be producing the biomethane gas in the deal struck with Marks & Spencer. With an ever growing number of projects within the AD industry, REC has gained a wealth of knowledge of this sector and has become a leader in environmental consultancy for alternative renewable energy production.

REC’s Air Quality expert Jethro Redmore tells us “Energy security is a growing issue and it is really positive to see a major retailer such as Marks and Spencer agreeing a deal for the sustainable sourcing of biogas. REC has helped to address environmental constraints on over 50 anaerobic digestion plants in recent years and it is great to think we are contributing to renewable energy production in this way.”

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