eDNA service now provided by REC Consultants



eDNA is an innovative technique which potentially enables great crested newt surveys to be undertaken more quickly, more accurately and more cost effectively.

Resource and Environmental Consultants Ltd (REC Ltd) in-house service will be undertaken in a state of the art laboratory following the specific protocol determined by Natural England, and allows REC Ltd to be extremely competitive with great crested newt occupancy studies.

Dr Neil Madden, Principal Ecologist at REC Ltd says: “the use of this sampling has marked a change in the way great crested newt occupancy studies are co-ordinated. eDNA can allow planning applications to be submitted earlier as you no longer need to wait for the usual four survey visits to be completed. As the technique develops, it is anticipated that the service will be expanded to include other vulnerable species and this could have huge implications for the way ecology services are offered.”

Seasonal Constraints

Traditional survey methodology requires four survey visits between mid-March to mid-June with at least half of the visits between mid-April and mid-May. The test can be useful to establish presence at any time of the year but absence can only be proven with samples taken between the 15th April and 30th June. It is thus imperative that surveys are carefully planned to reduce the risk of costly delays to projects.

Why Choose REC Ltd for eDNA Testing?

  • Collection of samples for analysis by trained and licensed ecologists
  • 5 day turnaround when booked in advance*
  • In-house refrigerated courier service for the transfer of samples
  • National coverage

*based on first come, first served

Would you like to know more? REC would be happy to discuss the potential benefits of eDNA for your business. Please contact us for more information or to book a great crested newt survey.