eDNA Testing for Great Crested Newt Surveys


eDNA Testing for Great Crested Newt Surveys: first batch of results released!

Back in February this year, we at REC Ltd announced that we were adding eDNA sampling to our ever-expanding list of services. eDNA sampling is the latest and most innovative technique in detecting presence (or absence) of the Great Crested Newt – and saves money, as well as time in the process. Officially certified by Natural England as a verified method for Great Crested Newt surveys, the procedure uses a collection of pond water samples for analysis, rather than taking samples from the species themselves.

As National England only accept eDNA surveys between 15th April and 30th June, our Ecology department wasted no time in getting stuck in. With TEP (The Environment Partnership) signed on board as our first eDNA clients, as of last Friday (24th April), REC released their very first batch of eDNA results. Our ecologists were so excited that they even took a photo of the process (yes, they really did!).

With a five day turn around when booked in advance, REC Ltd are one of the leading providers in eDNA sampling for Great Crested Newts Surveys. Instead of the normal four site visits, and an accuracy rate of 76% or below when using other sampling methods (according to DEFRA – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), eDNA is 99.3% accurate, and is a much speedier process. And so, REC Ltd are pleased to offer this servce, with a fully qualified and licensed team of surveyors on board ready for more successful eDNA projects, large or small.

Give our team a call to find out more on 0161 868 1300, or email our principal ecologist Neil Madden at n.madden@recltd.co.uk.