Clean Air Day: Reducing Your Impact


Clean Air Day falls on the longest day of the year today, the summer solstice, which gives us a chance to most appreciate the benefits and wonders of the sun. However human fossil fuel combustion also means that longer days also lead to a greater chance of photochemical smogs – an interaction of pollution and sunlight.

Clean Air Day which offers a chance to think about our own pollution generating activities and how we can reduce this. Can we use public transport more? Can we car share, walk or cycle? Can we reduce our domestic and workplace energy use?

Let’s mark Clean Air Day by doing one action with that will reduce our contribution to air quality.

Clean Air Day: Industry Impact

There may be measures you can take as an individual to reduce your personal contribution to air pollution, but industrial processes also have a significant impact on the air we breathe.

Industrial processes such as the production of cement, the chemical industry, iron and steel and solvents create air pollution. To find out about more please take a look at this infographic provided by

If you’re concerned about your project or business venture, REC can look at the bigger picture; working with developers to provide advice on offsetting and reducing air quality impact. We are familiar with new proposals and smoothing the path to permitted and sustainable development.


If you’d like to know more about how to manage air quality in relation to your scheme or business activity then please contact our resident air quality expert Conal Kearney on or call us on 0845 676 9303.