Utility Services – Southern and Scottish Electric


REC have been contracted by Scottish and Southern Electric Contracting (SSEC) LTD for over five years to undertake their exploratory drilling works for proposed sub-surface High Voltage cable runs, linking new substations with areas of increased demand.

Exploratory drilling is required prior to cable installation through directional drilling. By characterising the geology through in-situ testing and sampling, the client is able to determine the most favourable location at which to advance the cable run, determining the density of sands and gravels, strength of cohesive material and identification of the water table. Thorough investigation of ground condition is invaluable in minimimising cost overrun and keeping projects on schedule.

Challenging access considerations often requires innovative methodology to advance locations along the proposed run. Drilling technique and health and safety considerations also need to be considered along with requirements for works within sub stations and close to overhead engineers in the field and in the office with active client relations and management. As a result of REC’s sub contractor model, the most appropiate drilling techniques can be arranged without compromise. Drilling works are often undertaken under street works and road closure notices, often with traffic management in place.

A frequent requirement of exploratory works is for REC staff to liase with landowners, government organisations and the MOD to arrange acess to driling locations. A flexible approach by REC enables works to progress to budget and often ahead of schedule.