Type 3 Asbestos Surveys


Engineering Works

REC asbestos surveyors were appointed to quantify the asbestos liabilities associated with the purchase of a former engineering works where the site owners, believing the site was asbestos free, were preparing to demolish the structure. Had the demolition gone ahead without the information contained in REC’s asbestos register, in excess of 1,000 square meters of asbestos boarding could have been crushed or removed as demolition waste illegally, leaving those responsible for the site open to prosecution. Although the remediation costs were in excess of £100, 000, REC’s intervention saved the developer from certain prosecution and an even larger clean-up bill.

Former Gas Works

As a result of REC’s successful involvement in contaminated land remediation at this site, the client appointed REC asbestos surveyors to undertake a phased programme of type 3 survey of the 12 structures on site. REC was able to offer a rapid response for the survey work and a fast turnaround for the reports. This enabled the client to operate well within their strict time frame so that buildings could be demolished within weeks of being vacated.

Domestic Property

Through REC’s links with local developers, we regularly survey old residential properties earmarked for demolition. During a recent survey, REC surveyors uncovered a previously unknown cellar under a 1960s property. Within the cellar was asbestos pipe insulation and shuttering, which had to be removed by a licensed asbestos removal contractor. Had the type 3 survey not been undertaken, demolition work would have disturbed the asbestos, exposing the workers to asbestos fibres and delaying the job. Additionally, the discovery of the cellar for the developer allowed them to re-evaluate their plans well in advance of the proposed start date.