Tree Climbing Survey for Bats


REC’s bat ecologists recently undertook a thorough inspection of a tree, which was proposed to be felled to accommodate a residential scheme in Liverpool. A ground-level assessment indicated that it had the potential to support bat roosts and, as such, further investigation was needed.

Dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys on trees can be labour intensive and not always conclusive. Furthermore, with the transient use of many bat roosts, it is sometimes difficult to provide confidence in a negative result from the ground. These surveys are also seasonally constrained and can only be undertaken between May and September.

It was February and planning permission was required within a short timeframe. REC’s ecology department therefore advised to undertake a tree climbing inspection as they can be undertaken throughout the year. This is also a cost-effective alternative as features which appear to be suitable from a ground inspection can be downgraded or dismissed as possible roosting locations.

One of our fully qualified ecologists carried out a detailed inspection of the trees and no bats or signs of bats were found. Our novel approach allowed the works to go ahead without further delay.

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