Site Remediation – Eagle Ottowa, Thelwall Lane, Warrington


REC were commissioned to undertake supplementary geotechnical investigation, produce a Remediation and Site Enabling Works Strategy and undertake subsequent supervision and validation works in addition to providing any further required consultancy services for a former Tannery site.  This was to enable the construction of a low rise residential development containing a mixture of private and affordable homes.

The site was a former tannery and the predominant contamination issue identified by previous Site Investigation was a hydrocarbon plume located towards the centre of the site.  It was therefore required to undertake remediation of the site to ensure the soil and groundwater contamination issues were addressed and the site was suitable for residential development.

All remediation and site enabling works in addition to a further Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment for Controlled Waters were completed by REC in agreement with Warrington Borough Council and Environment Agency, confirming that there was no further significant risk to controlled waters.  On completion, a Validation Report was submitted and agreed by Warrington Borough Council.

The exposure pathway beneath the site area was effectively removed and the risk to human health from remnant organic substances within the soil was not considered significant. Works undertaken at the site were completed satisfactorily and will provide significant long term betterment of the soil and groundwater beneath the site.