Site Investigation & Remediation – Little Acre, Silchester


REC was commissioned to assess and remediate a loss of heating oil fuel that had impacted third party land.

The incident was a loss of fuel from the heating system at a domestic property that had migrated and impacted third party land to the south of the property. Areas of die back in the grass could be seen around a planter that was used to grow vegetables. Oil absorbing booms were placed in to an adjacent ditch and brook to capture oil that was entering them.

A site investigation was undertaken to delineate the contamination spread. REC was able to reduce the area for removal through targeted sampling by showing the areas that were uncontaminated. This provided a cost saving to the client, reduced the time scale and reduced the volume being taken to landfill making the operation more sustainable.

From the site investigation REC designed a remediation plan for the site involving excavation for off site disposal. This was designed such that the Client got maximum value for money, while the householders affected had minimum interference with their occupation of the properties.

25 tonnes of contaminated material was removed from site. The material was temporarily stockpiled on to plastic sheeting to prevent the leaching of contamination back in to the underlying soils.

The excavation was advanced until clean material was encountered in the underlying soil. On site testing using PID screening, visual and olfactory assessment followed by soil sampling validated the excavation to show that all contamination had been removed from the site. The Brook was tested to ensure no further oil was entering it.

The Environment Agency was involved with the project throughout and was satisfied with the final outcome. The project was completed on budget and within a reduced time scale.