REC Provide Noise and Air Quality Assessments in Support of New Tesco Store


REC helped secure planning consent for a food store and associated infrastructure in Bolton, Lancashire, generating 100 jobs and bringing a redundant brownfield site into use. Having been commissioned by Ladson Group on behalf of Tesco, REC provided Noise and Air Quality Assessments in support of the development. The site was located close to existing and proposed housing and concerns had been raised by the local council that the store would cause significant impacts on existing amenity levels throughout its operation. A detailed scope of works was produced by REC to address the issues whilst protecting the client’s interests from unduly constraining planning conditions.

Given the locality of the site within a predominantly residential area, REC were presented with the significant challenge of mitigating potential service yard noise impacts upon local inhabitants. To address this problem, we provided engineering advice for the specification of an acoustic fence in order to meet the local planning authorities’ stringent noise criteria, and undertook extensive consultation with the environmental health department to agree acceptable conditions for the developer whilst protecting amenity levels.

Air Quality also presented another issue, with high existing pollution levels close to the site and concerns that traffic generated by the scheme would result in unacceptable amounts of exhaust emissions. We undertook a detailed assessment of the proposed scheme to investigate fully any impacts associated with the development and concluded that impacts would not be significant at any sensitive location.

As a result of REC’s assessments, the proposed Tesco store obtained a smooth transition through the planning phase, receiving unanimous vote in favour of the development.