REC Provide Environmental Consultancy for former Ammunition Plant


A national house builder commissioned REC to provide environmental consultancy services to their redevelopment of a former ammunition manufacturing and testing site to residential properties.

Assessment of the available information and further intrusive investigation indicated contamination from heavy metals, PAHs, hydrocarbons and asbestos within the made ground.

REC conducted a Site Specific Risk Assessment with respect to human health and the underlying aquifer.

A detailed remediation strategy was prepared on the basis of the risk assessment. The amount of additional work required and the consequent disruption was minimised by utilising a zoned remediation strategy and localised hotspot removal.

REC provided verification of the remediation satisfying the Local Authority and NHBC requirements.

There was a significant unexploded ordnance risk due to past usage of the site. REC was able to coordinate the site clearance and ordnance awareness training for the groundwork contractors

Site specific risk assessment and zoned remediation based upon the results enabled targeted work significantly reducing the overall disruption and costs to the developer.