REC Complete Ministry of Defence Project


REC Geoenvironmental in Braintree has recently completed a large site investigation and validation project of a Ministry of Defence (MOD) airfield base in Suffolk. As a pre-cursor to the removal of all the above and underground storage tanks and bulk fuel distribution system, REC was commissioned to undertake an intrusive investigation to determine the risk associated with the removal of structures.

To fully understand the nature of the task, a detailing inspection of the tanks and bulk fuel distribution system was made. A total of 45 tanks ranging in capacity from 1,000 litres to 1.5 million litres, together with the fuel distribution system, two filling stations and a number of interceptors were identified.

Due to a limited time scale in which the project was to be undertaken, the removal of the tanks progressed in conjunction with the site investigation. Remediation and validation target levels were defined and a remediation and validation report was prepared. Following the removal of all tanks and structures, validation was completed to ensure the sites residual soils did not present a significant risk to human health and environmental receptors.

To complete the project within the set timescales and budget limitations REC ensured the quality of service on existing projects was not compromised through the utilisation of consultants from REC’s other regional office locations to assist with the M.O.D project.