Phase I Geo-Environmental Assessment at Manchester Metropolitan University


REC performed a Phase I Desk-based study of an iconic and Grade II listed building located within Manchester Metropolitan University City Centre Campus known as the ‘Toastrack’.  This building comprises of seven storeys and is formed from concrete arch structures supporting each floor which appears in the form of a toast rack. The buildings adjacent to the Toastrack including the Horseshoe building , a former library building known as the ‘Drum’ together with a former single storey steel framed structure previously used as a workshop and an adjacent gym were also considered as part of Manchester Metropolitan University campus.

As part of the Phase I assessment, REC obtained and/or reviewed publically available environmental data including environmental database. Ordnance Survey historical mapping, site sensitivity data, planning records published borehole records, archaeological records and available geological and hydrological/hydrogeological mapping databases. Regulatory Authorities were consulted as part of the Phase I in an effort to obtain further information that may not have been readily available within the public domain.  A site walkover was performed where anecdotal information was derived from people who had an association with the site.  The findings of the data review and walkover were combined to produce an initial conceptual site model which was used to establish a preliminary risk assessment of the geo-technical and geo-environmental risks and site constraints perceived present. From this initial assessment, a Phase II intrusive assessment has been recommended, which is currently ongoing.