Qualitative Odour Assessment: The Flax Factory, Dorchester


Project: Qualitative Odour Assessment, The Flax Factory

Project Type: Residential development

REC was commissioned to undertake a Qualitative Odour Assessment in support of the proposed residential development at The Flax Factory, St Georges Road, Dorchester.

The proposals comprise the development of 8 residential units and associated infrastructure.

The proposed site is located in close proximity to an existing Sewage Treatment Works. As such, there are concerns that odour emissions from the Sewage Treatment Works may cause loss of amenity for future residents of the development and act as a constraint to planning consent. A Qualitative Odour Assessment was therefore undertaken in order to consider existing conditions at the site and assess its suitability for the proposed end-use.

Field Odour Surveys were undertaken in order to define the baseline and identify any significant odour sources around the development. Four surveys were undertaken on two separate days. Results were gathered for a number of locations in the vicinity of the development, as well as on the site itself.

Due to the prevailing wind direction, orientation of the site and nature of potential odour releases impacts are considered unlikely to result in any significant loss of local residential amenity.

Based on the assessment results, it was not anticipated that significant odour impacts would occur at any sensitive location on the proposed development site as a result of operation of the Sewage Treatment Works. As such, the potential for adverse odour impacts at the proposed development site were considered to be low.

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