Odour Assessment – Hot Food Takeaway, Shropshire


REC was commissioned to undertake an Odour Assessment of a new hot food takeaway in Oswestry, Shropshire. The client had submitted a planning application for the development and the local authority had raised concerns over potential cooking odours impacting on residents close to the site. As such, an Odour Assessment had been requested in accordance with the relevant Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) guidance document.

Following compilation of baseline information and identification of sensitive land uses, an odour risk assessment was undertaken in order to define a suitable odour and grease filtration system for the development. This considered site specific factors including dispersion potential, proximity of receptors, size of kitchen and cooking type. Worst-case assumptions were adopted where necessary in order to ensure the defined odour mitigation would be suitable for any cuisine to be prepared at the premises.

The results of the Odour Assessment indicated a high risk of odour impact as a result of the development. This was due to the proximity of residential properties and consideration of all potential cuisine types. Abatement measures were identified in order to provide a suitable level of odour control and advice provided an appropriate requirements for the ventilation system.

The completion of the Odour Assessment allowed the client to proceed with the application and provided the local authority with sufficient reassurance that odours from the takeaway would not cause impacts for local residents. The project was completed in under a week in order to ensure the relevant planning deadline was achieved and avoid delays to the decision process.