Odour Assessment- Anaerobic Digestion Plant, Selborne Brickworks


REC produced an Odour Assessment to support a detailed planning application for an anaerobic digestion plant at Selborne Brickworks, East Hampshire. The plant will utilise 22,000 tonnes of food waste per year to generate biogas for subsequent upgrade to grid specification biomethane before injection into the National Grid. This facility will be one of the first within the UK and will help reduce carbon emissions, whilst ensuring the financial viability of a traditional brickworks.

The local authority had significant concerns over potential odour from the plant and had requested a detailed asessment of impacts on local residents. REC utilised detailed dispersion modelling to represent emissions from the facility and determine a suitable system to control releases to an acceptable level. The results of the asessment indicated that the likelihood of complaints as a result of the plant was not significant and odour should not be viewed as a constraint to planning consent.

Following REC’s involvement in the project, planning permission was granted for the development.

Client comment: “At a relatively late stage in a complex and contraversial planning application I was told to obtain an odour report. Thankfully Google put me in touch with REC. They provided a remarkable service, quickly establishing the criteria, developing and running a model and producing output and excellent advice. They were instrumental in persuading a very cautious environmental health officer that the potential for odour problems was insignificant, and he then supported the application. Would I use REC again? Of course (and I am). Would I recommend them to anyone else-without hesitation!” – Patrick Benham-Croswell, Director, Selborne Brick Company.