Noise Survey and Mapping Exercise


REC were commissioned by a global fuel provider to undertake a Noise Survey at 11 Blocks at their refinery in Fawley, and subsequently produce Noise Maps for each Block. The Noise Surveys combined spot measurements across each block with source measurements of plant items.

This project was part of the Hearing Conservation Programme at the refinery, which requires updating every 5 years. REC completed noise surveys for several areas or blocks of the refinery within the Butyl Poly and BCI C4 business units. Health and Safety in these areas was paramount due to the risk of gas inhalation, fires and the possibility of gas explosions.

The noise surveys included spot measurements which, for some blocks, were undertaken in a grid pattern to ensure full coverage of the block. They also included spot measurements of any plant that could be accurately measured without interference from any other sources.

The results of the noise surveys were then used to undertake noise modelling using a recently purchased noise modelling software called SoundPlan. REC has invested in this software because it allows us to assess noise more effectively and in a higher degree of detail.

The maps of each block and the noise levels were combined to provide contour noise maps for each block showing a colour contour of the noise levels using the company colour scheme which included four noise levels of 85dB(A), 90dB(A), 95dB(A), 100dB(A) and 105dB(A). The noise maps ensured that the hearing protection areas still applied and also informed the Health and Safety executives of the noise levels currently existing in the blocks investigated.

Completion of this project enabled our team to gain further experience in the fuel sector and has provided us with a stepping stone to help produce even more accurate data and maps for all of our clients through the use of SoundPlan software.