Noise Impact Assessment Case Studies


Noise Impact Assessment for residential site in Manchester

REC prepared a Noise Impact Assessment for a proposed residential development on land adjacent to the M60 in Manchester. The Noise Impact Assessment was supported by a series of Noise Surveys including a Noise Survey for the M60 motorway. REC used noise modelling software in order to predict the noise levels incident upon the proposed residential facades. This Noise Impact Assessment has recommended acoustic glazing and alternative ventilation for certain habitable rooms. With noise mitigation measures in place, the Noise Impact Assessment indicated that levels of noise, both externally and internally, met agreed noise criteria stipulated by the local planning authority.


Noise Impact Assessment for new day care centre, Granta Park

REC prepared a Noise Impact Assessment for a proposed Day Care Centre at Granta Park in Cambridge. This Noise Impact Assessment has been undertaken to identify key noise sources in the vicinity of the Site which may have the potential to impact upon the proposed noise-sensitive development. REC completed a 24 hour Noise Survey at the Site which informed the Noise Impact Assessment. The results of the Noise Impact Assessment has shown that standard thermal double glazing will be sufficient in controlling external to internal noise break-in, however, with a partially open window, exceedences of the internal noise criteria will occur. As such, alternative ventilation has been specified in the form of frame mounted trickle ventilators have been specified. With regards to external noise in any proposed play areas, an acoustic fence will be required in order to control noise levels to meet applicable criteria.

Noise Impact Assessment