Noise Impact Assessments for Leading British Engineering Company


REC has recently supported a major British engineering company, which builds high performance Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants throughout the UK. The company, requiring several noise impact assessments across Scotland alone, commissioned REC to undertake noise assessments on all three of their newly proposed AD plants.

REC, therefore, undertook detailed noise impact assessments for each site, which were all supported by initial noise surveys. Noise surveys capture the background noise level at existing residential receptors close to each site. Given the rural locality of each plant, background noise surveys are particularly important in informing the noise impact assessment, as they protect residential amenity from potential noise generated by the AD plants.

Post noise impact assessment completion, REC has acquired noise level data from the manufacturer and acquired on site noise measurements from similar AD plants. This has allowed us to provide advice on mitigation measures, supporting the client in meeting their planning conditions for all three AD plant development sites.



Noise Impact Assessments - AD