Noise Impact Assessments for Various London Sites


Noise Impact Assessments

REC has been commissioned on several redevelopment projects within the City of London which comprised of the change of use from commercial/office to residential or mixed use. These projects predominantly came from Taylor Wimpey and REC provided detailed Noise Impact Assessments in support of the applications.

Acoustic Consultancy

The Sites were all located within heavily developed areas and consisted of high rise buildings which were to be demolished or renovated for residential or mixed use. The main sources of noise at the Sites consisted of road traffic and fixed plant noise from air conditioning units or fans associated with the existing buildings.

Acoustic Recommendations

Given the locality of the Sites and their proximity to major roads, REC had to carry out detailed assessments for all floors of the developments and also take into account balconies or green areas located on the roofs or top floors. As a result of the assessments, upgraded double glazing specifications were recommended as well as single glazed screens for gardens or balconies. Alternative ventilation was also recommended for those dwellings that faced the noise source.

The Noise Impact Assessment also set Mechanical and Electrical Plant Noise Emission Limits for the commercial aspects of the developments in order to protect the amenity of existing and proposed residents.

Canary Wharf in London center