Noise Impact Assessment – Qila Energy , Cornwall



REC was commissioned by Qila Energy to undertake a Noise Impact Assessment to support a planning application for a proposed agricultural Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Facility at East Helscott Farm in Bude, Cornwall.


The Noise Impact Assessment was informed by a Background Sound Survey conducted over a full weekday and weekend during a period of fine weather. The Background Sound Survey was completed to the west and north east of the proposed facility representative of the closest non-residential receptors.

A noise model was also created in order to assess the impact of noise from the development on the closest residential receptors. The model included a number of worst-case assumptions, such as busiest site traffic movements’ days, fixed plant on-times, and characteristic penalties of plant items within the BS4142:2014 assessment in order to produce a robust assessment.


The outcome of the Noise Impact Assessment indicated that the level of noise produced by the proposed AD Facility will:

  • Not exceed the background sound level during the daytime or night-time, as required by Cornwall Council, resulting in a ‘low impact’ to any receptors; and
  • Internal noise levels during the daytime and night-time fall below the criteria set in BS8233:2014, as required by Cornwall Council.

REC also completed a Construction Noise Impact Assessment which indicated that the sound levels produced by the construction of the AD Facility and associated access road will fall below the 70dB criteria presented in BS5228-1:2014 without mitigation in place.

Given the positive outcome of the assessment, noise was not considered a determining factor in the granting of planning approval for this agricultural AD Facility.

The local authority accepted the noise impact assessment and the development proceeded through planning without any delays thanks to the robust Noise Impact Assessment undertaken.