Noise Impact Assessment for Major Residential Development in Chester


REC has supported a joint venture proposal between two leading house builders for a major residential-led development in Chester. The scheme consists of up to 1,450 residential dwellings, public open space, a new primary school, a commercial area including a health centre and essential infrastructure. The development of the site will facilitate the delivery of much needed new homes for Chester, which is a long-term aspiration of Cheshire West and Chester Council.

In order to meet planning conditions for the new development, a noise impact assessment was required. Most developments, whether they be new or existing sites, will often require noise assessments to ensure standard noise legislations are met and limits are not exceeded.

REC supported the joint venture consortium by completing a noise impact assessment in the form of an Environmental Statement Chapter. The noise impact assessment was informed by a preliminary noise survey; capturing the various sources of noise surrounding the large site and measuring existing background noise levels. In doing this, REC has ensured that any existing residential dwellings are protected from any proposed commercial uses.

>As a result, the noise impact assessment recommended a range of noise mitigation measures in order to control noise levels in proposed dwellings from road traffic noise. These included measures such as acoustic noise barriers and acoustic glazing, aiding the client to meet planning conditions for the new development.