Noise Impact Assessment at Greengate, Salford


Noise Impact Assessment at major multi-use development in Salford

REC supported a planning application for a proposed residential high rise development at Greengate in Salford as part of a major redevelopment.The Site is constrained by Trinity Way, a main arterial route through Manchester and consists of ground floor amenity space for residents, basement parking and 42 storeys of 125 metres high apartments. When completing the noise assessment, details like above all had to be considered, as well as the new development having potential to introduce new noise sources to the environment – in the form of extraction units for fresh air flow through the basement car park.

To complete the required noise assessment, REC undertook a full weekday and weekend unattended road traffic and background sound survey. This survey quantified levels of road traffic noise and also the existing levels of noise without the proposed plant items. Using noise modelling software, SoundPlan, it was possible to predict facade noise levels across all floors and orientations. A 3D noise model was produced in addition to the tabulated data.

On the back of the noise assessment, REC’s Acoustic Team recommended various actions, including appropriate glazing specifications and the performance required in order to achieved the internal criteria in accordance with British Standards. It was found that if future residents opened windows, the internal criteria would be exceeded. Therefore, as an alternative, REC recommended alternative ventilation to opening windows so that residents have a choice.

The noise impact assessment also set Mechanical and Electrical Plant Noise Emission Limits for any proposed plant items which may form part of the development in the future.