Noise Constraints Assessment for residential development


REC undertake Noise Constraints Assessment for residential development near the M40

REC were commissioned to undertake a Noise Constraints Assessment in order to aid the development of a proposed residential development near Milton Common – (off Junction7 of the M40). The Site was of a considerable size with aspirations for around 6,500 dwellings, but the main constraint to the Site was that the M40 intersected the Site to the north. In order to complete the noise assessment, REC undertook a full 24 hour road traffic noise measurement of the M40 during a typical weekday period.

The results of the noise assessment were used to create a noise model, which included several scenarios for possible site layout, stand-off distances and possible mitigation measures. Given the high noise levels resulting from road traffic from the M40 and that the M40 is elevated above the Site for the majority, REC’s Acoustics team used the noise assessment results to out forward several, key recommendations.REC proposed that a stand-off distance to the closest garden areas be included in any layout, as well as recommending that garden areas be located behind dwellings and that there should be consideration towards apartments along the boundary with the M40.

Additionally, REC recommended appropriate mitigation measures, for different scenarios, such as, likely acoustic barrier heights, glazing specification and alternative ventilation. In completion of the noise assessment and offering specialist advice, REC’s Acoustic team delivered the results that helped the development meet specific planning conditions.